Tattoo! The Game of Ink


Tattoo! The Game of Ink is a card-laying game of inked body art where positioning matters. Inspired by the increasing acceptance of body art in everyday society and wanting to demonstrate the beauty and skill that exists in the world of tattoos, this game is an homage to the artists and their living canvases. Each card is dominated by a piece of art done by actual tattoo artists from around the country, showcasing the diversity and aesthetic appeal of this art form.

Tattoo!‘s mechanics are easy to learn and fun to master: buy Designs each round using Cash Cards and Reputation Points, and place them on your Arm Board to gain more Reputation Points. Whoever has the most Reputation Points at the end of the game wins. Designs each have one or more of five common Themes such as “Nautical” or “Animal.” Each also features two Style keywords, such as “Monotone” or “Shaded.” Placing similarly Themed designs next to each other earns bonus Reputation Points, and placing designs with the current “In” Style earns even more. However, players can easily run out of space on their Arm Board, so paying for laser removal will become necessary to keep placing more Designs.

Tattoo! The Game of Ink is easy to learn for those new to tabletop gaming but who love tattoo art, while offering multiple strategic options for more experienced players as well.

Basic Information

  • Design by Michael Epstein
  • 2-4 players
  • 35-45 minutes

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